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6 Steps to be Prepared for a Proper Notarization

6 Steps to be prepared for a proper notarization

1. Read the documents ahead of time (know what you are signing),  check if there is a Notary certificate present in your document if not ask the agency who is requiring a notarization> What Type of Notarization would they like performed (Acknowledgment or a Jurat).

2. Make sure you complete the document and leave no blank spots but do not sign the documents until the notary is present with you.

3. Bring the documents to a Notary Public

4. Bring a Valid Government-Issued Identification (such as a Drivers License or Passport) if you do not have one please contact us for further instructions.

5. Requires Personal Appearance by the signer whose name will appear on the notarized document.

6. Be Willing and able, to sign the document of your own free will.


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