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Beverly Hills Mobile Notary

Located in the heart of Beverly Hills. Our Mobile Notary Beverly Hills will come to you at the privacy of your own choice. Please have a valid ID and the documents ready when meeting with the mobile notary. We’ll make sure everything is properly signed, dated, and notarized. Beverly Hills Notary Now is up to date with notary laws and will get your documents executed correctly from the first time. Call Beverly Hills Notary to schedule a notary to come to you. 424-333-1740

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Beverly Hills Notary

Why Choose Beverly Hills Notary Now?

  • Experienced, licensed, professional notaries
  • Beverly Hills favorite notary service for over 7 years
  • We come to your location anywhere in the Los Angeles are
  • Same-day appointments available
  • Expert apostille and authentication expediting
  • Bonded and insured with over $100,000 E&O

Trusted by Leading Los Angeles Top Businesses

Over our 7 years of travel notary services, we have built strong relationships with many of Los Angeles biggest businesses including financial advisors, CPAs, banks, law firms, real estate companies, retailers, and more.