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The movement toward webcam notarization started in 2011, when Virginia passed a law allowing its Notaries to satisfy the personal appearance requirement via online video-conference technology. A Virginia electronic Notary is allowed to notarize documents for anyone. After Virginia passed its law, many states, including California, Colorado, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Oregon, Ohio and Wisconsin, issued public statements that webcam notarizations are prohibited and signers are still required to physically appear before Notaries. Iowa went even farther. A 2013 law included a provision that notarizations performed in another state would only be recognized in Iowa if the signer physically appeared before the Notary or notarial officer. In West Virginia, a new law explicitly states an individual does not appear personally if the appearance is by video or audio technology.

How will it affect the notary ability to detect potential warning signs of fraud?
How secure and reliable is the technology?
Would you prefer doing a webcam notarization?

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